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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Third and final Peerwise exercise in Physics 1A

This week sees the third and final PeerWise exercise in our Physics 1A course. We've collected together some of the material that we used to introduce and scaffold the activities and to provide feedback to students after the assessment activities have finished.

The resources are all available as a self-contained web-extract from our online course notes system.

The timeline is as follows:

  • Week 5: first PeerWise exercise introduced in workshops (the first 3 nodes in the web-extract)
  • Week 6: students work on creating their first questions: PW1 assessment live.
  • Week 7: feedback to students on PW1 outcomes, introduction of second PeerWise task: improving the quality of distracter answers.
  • Week 8: students work on PW2 ("PeerWiser") 
  • Week 10: introduction to PW3 ("PeerWisest"). Creation of questions synthesising more than one topic from the course. 
  • Week 11: students work on PW3

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